Stickman Tribal war Stickman war simulator

This game combines a variety of elements such as construction, action, war, strategy, etc. It is not only more strategic than similar works, but also has a unique interest in the innovation of gameplay. And there are a variety of stickman soldiers available for training in the game. You will form your own stickman team here, guide the stickmen to participate in wars, and use your strong strategic abilities to easily defeat thousands of miles away in the final battlefield. At the same time, you must not only build combat units, but also help your stickman soldiers learn skills, and at the same time make weapons by yourself. In short, everything is built by you. In addition, there are many countries with distinct characteristics around you. They study the technologies of their respective countries with great concentration and intend to compete for dominance. You must guide them to participate in the war. Only flexible operations can successfully defeat various enemies. The game screen is also very cool, and it also tests the player's strategic organization ability. What are the players waiting for? Don't miss this rare strategy war game.

Horror Supermarket

Horror Supermarket is an adventure escape game with a very tense and frightened atmosphere. It turns into a supermarket salesperson and faces many consumers every night, but they do not come to shop. Through your careful observation, I found a lot of anomalies in them. It is very strange. At this time you are very scared and feel that they are about to do a lot of fears. In order to escape all this, you must leave here quickly. When you are about to leave, you find that the supermarket door has been Tighten the lock. Only by finding the key can you escape successfully.

Catch and Dodge  

Catch and Dodge is a fun casual io chaos game that allows you to complete different tasks freely here, perfect to play your level here, rely on clever operations to complete walking, and unlock more exclusive joy The gameplay, the extremely exciting and joyful IO competitive battle style, and the gorgeous micro-fingertips at the fingertips can complete the task here, and there are many scenes to choose from.

Eternal Hunger 3D @ 

Eternal Hunger 3D is a casual puzzle game. You are an insatiable kitten. Greedy food is your favorite hobby. You eat more and more food, and your body size grows bigger. , To eat bread, eat people, eat cars, eat trees, or even swallow the buildings in one bite, as long as you are bigger than the prey, you can eat everything. The game contains 7 scenes in which you will play different predators and enjoy lunch.

Crowd Fly @ 

"Crowd Fly" is a very fun and magical game. A brand new game adventure experience, flexible game operation, control your characters flying back and forth without being affected by gravity. The operation of the game is very simple, but there is no lack of challenges in the game, and enjoy the different flying!

Cube collision 

Cube collision game, a casual puzzle game that is absolutely fantastic. The gameplay is very easy and simple. A lot of challenging levels are waiting for you to challenge and experience a relaxed and enjoyable game experience. The game also uses a fresh and concise picture, a casual puzzle mobile game without burden

Needle and pattern

Needle and pattern

Needle and pattern is a puzzle challenge game that requires you to complete various patterns through embroidery. The idea of the entire game mode comes from traditional Chinese embroidery. In real life, we often see many embroidered girls. Various beautiful patterns are perfectly displayed through one stitch and one thread. However, here, all you need to do is to complete the production of patterns. A lot of different embroidery tools are available for players to freely create various beautiful and charming Pattern it.

Trampoline Bounce 

Trampoline Bounce is a casual level game without any pressure. This game is very interesting. You can enjoy a variety of magical games. Players can prejudge the good distance while jumping on the bed. It's a gap, it's very painful, please download it if you like it!

Thief Adventure 

The thief adventure is a 3D adventure game. Become a thief and start your theft life in the game, so that you can get more excitement in this game. In the game, players need to go to art galleries and museums and many other places to steal important cultural relics or art works. Your operation will determine whether you can successfully steal items and leave safely

Car Crash Sim 

Experience the Extreme realistic car crash games in a realistic mode driving through deadly speed breaker on Car Crash Sim. Car crash simulator is a competitive simulation game that simulates real car accidents. Players experience various of cars to destroy and create various car accidents in the game.

Adventure healthy wreckage crash challenge game which you have never experienced before. Hitting car crash games with huge explosion and crashing them in the limited time is the best way to get your mind relieved in demolition attempt. Now you can enjoy this extreme car with amazing city environment in derby beam drive.


Awesome 3D Graphics.

Crashes of death fall car in grand canyon

Multiple speed bumps with impossible 3D tracks

Real Car Models for smash racing