Stickman Survive 

Stickman Survive is a fun stickman theme game. You needs to help the disabled stickman to avoid obstacles in the various rooms in the game. Corresponding puzzles, find the other foot and escape!

Greedy Cat


Greedy Cat is a healing game.You Need to collect fish for the cat to eat all the way

Super magic makes you unable to eat fish.The body will be separated, the body will be elongated, the tail will become longer, the head will become bigger, the legs and body will be separated, the head will become a fan, the legs will become higher, and the game will be more funny.

zombie Incursion

You will become the king of zombies in this city, leading and expanding your zombie army and eating other players.

Play Zombie incursion and Attack the Humans and Make Big Big Team with Zombies and Be Happy to Smash the Opponent Zombie Teams Be a like Popular Team.