Stickman Tribal war Stickman war simulator

This game combines a variety of elements such as construction, action, war, strategy, etc. It is not only more strategic than similar works, but also has a unique interest in the innovation of gameplay. And there are a variety of stickman soldiers available for training in the game. You will form your own stickman team here, guide the stickmen to participate in wars, and use your strong strategic abilities to easily defeat thousands of miles away in the final battlefield. At the same time, you must not only build combat units, but also help your stickman soldiers learn skills, and at the same time make weapons by yourself. In short, everything is built by you. In addition, there are many countries with distinct characteristics around you. They study the technologies of their respective countries with great concentration and intend to compete for dominance. You must guide them to participate in the war. Only flexible operations can successfully defeat various enemies. The game screen is also very cool, and it also tests the player's strategic organization ability. What are the players waiting for? Don't miss this rare strategy war game.